Here we’ll discuss a few opportunities we have available to investors right now. Please check back for regular updates. Or feel free to fill out the form on the application page and we will keep you aware and informed.


March 1st, 2019:

The two most opportune investments we have right now are for the continued investment into the Forex/Crypto Investment mentioned below. This has been performing steadily and investors are satisfied. Many investors have taken out their principal (something we always recommend as soon as possible) and many have taken out profits. The team continues to communicate well with us which is one of our essential ingredients for participation.

The other investment available is a similar opportunity in that it is automated and based on Cryptocurrency. However, with the advances in AI and computing efforts of programmers and developers, automated trading bots are soon becoming an everyday staple of the investment industry. (What was once reserved for wall street and big banks alone, can now be done with a solid team of developers and investment professionals.) We have begun vetting a group of “Silicon Valley Types” who have automated an arbitrage on Cryptocurrencies on different exchanges. They estimate a 1-3% ROI daily which is exceptional as that is what our most recent research shows is entirely possible.

Arbitrage has been highly successful for many investors and investments professionals in the last few decades, but most notably with the volatility of Cryptocurrency and lack of consistency among exchanges it has become much easier to make a solid profit.

Applications are currently open for this investment type.


December 1st, 2018:

After nearly one year of testing, our Forex/Crypto Investment with the team of traders has produced over 85% ROI for the year. We are taking the month off and switching to a new system to allow for increased communication and profits. We will resume trading on your behalf on January, 2019. As always, you will be given the option to take your principal, your profit or leave your profit + principal and roll it into the next years term. 

Applications are currently open for this investment type.


May 1st, 2018:

We have been vetting a team of traders to trade on our behalf in the Crypto and Forex markets.  Our research has shown that money can be made in any market, as long as you’re not attached to the product and can be able to follow the trends.  Even though we did well in the Crypto market in 2016 and 2017, this requires further explanation and one of our account managers can discuss it with you if you request a call via the contact form

We enjoy the idea of letting trusted, vetted, professionals do what they do best. We are entrepreneurs after all. We will likely start with a small amount of up front investment and see how they perform. We will open this initial opportunity to a small amount of investors.

Applications are currently open for this investment type.


February 1st, 2018:

Real Estate returns have been solid for the past 10+ years in the US and Canada. As long as investors know where to look, deals are everywhere. We have teams of people in Las Vegas, Florida, and Ontario, Canada who are finding deals with great efficiency. We have been investing in real estate for over 10+ years with good measure and return for our investors.

Applications are currently closed for this investment type.


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